Project Detail

MSU Norm Asbjornson Hall/Engineering Building

Location: Bozeman, MT

The Norm Asbjornson Hall is a result of a generous donation from an MSU alum, who made his fortune in the HVAC business. As a result, Norm's desire was for an innovative HVAC design with opportunities for the mechanical systems to be on display. We have accomplished this! The building HVAC system consists of the following:

• A hybrid ground-source heat pump system including 104 geothermal wells as well as a connection to the central steam plant to provide heat to the geothermal loop during the coldest parts of the winter. This hybrid system allows the steam system to handle the cold weather peaks and allows a reduced geothermal well quantity.
• Heat pumps are utilizing the newest variable speed compressor technology.
• Natural ventilation is utilized for cooling in many areas of the building.
• The project includes an atrium smoke exhaust system, which also acts as a natural ventilation assist.
• Air-quality monitoring is used in classrooms, shops, and labs to modulate the fresh air quantities required.
• A dedicated variable air volume outdoor air system.
• A transpired solar collector for outdoor air pre-heating, when needed.
• Other high-performance components:
• A 250kw Photovoltaic array, located on the roof of the building.
• All LED lighting with full lighting control system.

The project is attempting to achieve LEED Gold certification and easily met the Montana High Performance Building Standards.

Upon completion, this will be an innovative higher education facility utilizing the latest technology and most innovative design concepts for instruction, setting the standard in world-class engineering education.

EST 1987