Project Detail

Montana Children’s, Logan Health

Location: Kalispell, Montana

The project consists of a three-story building to house Montana Children’s for Logan Health. The first floor has an 18-bed NICU, a 12-bed PICU, two C-section operating rooms, and a pediatric specialty operating room. Connecting corridors link the building to the existing obstetrics unit as well as to the hospital's support services.

The first-floor level also consists of an expansion to the existing Central Plant in order to house the mechanical and electrical infrastructure to service the addition. The building's heating needs are served by the existing boiler plant and include a new shell and tube heat exchanger coupled with base-mounted premium efficient pumps to provide heating water to the building. Chilled water is served by two water-cooled magnetic-bearing chillers paired with closed-loop cooling towers.

Domestic water is served off a new service complete with a domestic booster pump skid. The facility’s second and third floors are currently shelled and are designed for future "I" occupancy. A penthouse exists on the roof to house the air-handling equipment. The fan-array air-handlers provide additional energy conservation and the ability to vary airflow while still maintaining proper pressure relationships.

Logan Health continues its commitment to sustainable design and energy conservation. Logan Health has sought energy rebates from Bonneville Power Administration through Flathead Electric. Provisions within the new building also include space and utilities for a 1,000-kilowatt gas-fired microturbine. Once installed, this microturbine will provide combined heat and power to the facility.

EST 1987