Project Detail

Kalispell Regional Healthcare – Surgical Tower

Location: Kalispell, MT

Project consisted of 60,000 square feet of second-floor surgery space and a 35,000square feet of shelled third floor; structure is prepared for a fourth and fifth floors. The first-floor consists of a 12,000-square-foot medical office space. A 10,000-square-foot basement exists to include a new IT department, mechanical space and electrical space. Various remodels were done to the original hospital to accommodate the tower addition above. Along with these remodels, columns were installed within existing occupied hospital space to allow for same-day surgery to be constructed on the floor above. Cooling for the project was provided via groundwater. Two supply wells 600 feet deep were drilled on the property and installed with submersible pumps. Each pump produces in excess of 1,000 gpm of water at 52°F. The wells are each equipped with a dedicated variable frequency drive. Associated Construction Engineering Inc. worked in conjunction with Flathead Electric and Bonneville Power to provide the hospital electrical rebates approaching $750,000. These rebates were credited to groundwater cooling, mechanical equipment efficiency and advanced control strategies.

EST 1987