Project Detail

Consumer Direct

Location: Missoula, MT

The Consumer Direct Care Network came together under one roof with the construction of the new Consumer Direct building in Missoula, MT. This office space comprises 72,000 square feet of employee-centered spaces on four floors. 

This project incorporated ground-source cooling in the form of an open-loop vertical well. Other key mechanical features of the facility are underfloor air distribution, utilizing supply floor plenum in the ceiling, for three of the four floors; individual temperature zoning for conference rooms and smaller office spaces that allows individuals to enable adjustments to their needs and preferences; and a variable-air volume system for heating and cooling on the first floor. The building also features a commercial kitchen.

The building incorporates high-efficiency LED lighting throughout as well as automatic occupancy and vacancy lighting controls. Our engineers carefully designed “nighttime-friendly” exterior lighting to eliminate glare and light pollution.

EST 1987