Project Detail

Community Medical Center Emergency Department

Location: Missoula, MT

Community Medical Center underwent a $13.5 million expansion and remodel of its existing Emergency Department, including 14, 000 square foot of renovation and a 2,900 square foot addition.

Thanks to a combination of overall population growth and a projected 18% increase in people aged 65 and older within the next five years, CMC decided to expand to meet growing health needs.

The new emergency department includes 18 additional larger, private exam rooms that incorporate technological advances in equipment and services. The design included additional dedicated space for trauma care, bariatric patients, orthopedic, pediatric rooms as well as improved coffee and waiting area.

Design services include, Plumbing, HVAC, Temperature Control Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Electrical Lighting and Power Systems, Fire Alarm Systems.

The facility will be completed in early 2023.

EST 1987