Project Detail

Cache & Pearl

Location: Jackson, WY

Cache & Pearl is the newest multipurpose building in Jackson, Wyoming, a Western mountain town known for its upscale rustic scene and access to some of the nation’s best outdoor offerings.

On its first floor, the building will feature 7,500 square feet of commercial TI space and 7,500 square feet of buildout space. The second and third floors, each 15,000 square feet, will house 14-18 residential units. The building will also feature a rooftop deck, a pool and spa, and a 20,000-square-foot underground parking garage. A vehicle-charging station will be provided for each tenant space.

A common chilled water and heating water plant will be provided to serve the entire building. The chilled water plant will consist of roof-mounted, air-cooled chillers along with all required primary and second pumps, and hydronic accessories. The heating system will consist of a minimum of three condensing boilers, each sized for 50% of total capacity. Each commercial space will be provided with four-pipe fan coils as necessary to provide the required zoning. Residential spaces will be provided with multiple four-pipe fan coil to provide separate control to the bedrooms from the common areas. A dedicated outdoor air system will be provided to ventilate air to each residence and commercial space.

The project will utilize LED lighting and provide provisions for electric vehicle chargers, access controls for the enclosed parking garage, and fire alarm systems. Our electrical engineers have also been coordinating with the interior designer in the selection of lighting fixtures.

EST 1987